The 3rd. Congress of the Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq - LWPI 
Successfully Concludes in Baghdad

The third congress of the Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq concluded its proceedings in Baghdad with great success. The congress started Saturday December 22, 2012, with the majority of party members in Iraq and abroad, in addition to a group of guests attending, from labor leaders and activists in Iraq.

The congress started with the International anthem followed by a minute of silence to the memory of those who sacrificed their lives for socialism followed by congress approving the presence of the majority of party members. The congress steering committee then was elected. After the vote on the constitution and the agenda, comrade Samir Noory delivered the opening speech. In his speech he confirmed that the third congress is held at a time different from the past whereas revolutions escalating in the region and the world, and that the party has got good potential to intervene effectively and play a key role in strengthening the front of the masses in the face of the front of the bourgeoisie which is suffering from crisis and total lack of horizons at every level. Comrade Hamid Taqvaee, the leader of the Worker Communist Party of Iran then delivered a short speech in which he congratulated the party members for their congress and stressed the importance and role of the Left Worker Communist Party of Iraq in strengthening worker-communism in the region and its outlook on the issue of revolutions sweeping through the region and the need to draw our conclusions in accordance with these facts and stressed that the Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq and the Worker communist party of Iran possess correct perceptions with respect to current events and focused on the need to conclude the right tasks in accordance with these perceptions and to play a strong role. Afterwards, comrade Issam Shukri delivered his report as Secretary of the Central Committee for the previous period followed by discussions. 

After a short break Issam Shukri introduced a draft resolution named "the political situation in Iraq and the tasks of the party." The draft resolution stressed the characteristics of the current situation, where revolutions are erupting while conflicts within the ruling powers are deepening. The draft resolution drew a number of tasks that emphasize the need to struggle against all sectarian and nationalist parties especially between those of the government of Nuri al-Maliki and the nationalist Kurds. It stressed the need to save the masses from a devastating ethnic war that could be the result of their policies, to increase party involvement with radical and revolutionary forces in the region, and to increase struggle for a secular non-religious, non-nationalist state in Iraq. The congress approved the draft resolution unanimously.

Comrade Samir Noory then presented a draft resolution named "regarding the working class, the revolution, and political power."  He confirmed that this stage is a stage of revolutions, both locally and globally. He stressed the importance of the role of the working class in these revolutions and also their role in the production process which gives it a great ability to decide the fate of these revolutions and to direct them in favor of the masses.  Among the recommendations of the resolution was that the working class should consider the party an instrument of struggle, and to strengthen the socialist tendencies within the class. He also stressed the importance of labor leaders as society leaders and to struggle against the plots of the Iraqi government, which campaigns to subjugate the working class especially with regards to the proposed Labor law and other former Baathist anti-workers laws. The congress also endorsed the draft resolution unanimously.

Then comrade Sardar Abdullah presented the draft resolution named "The Current Conditions in Kurdistan and our solution". Comrade Sardar explained the serious conflict between the central government and the Kurdistan Regional Government and the possibility of putting the masses in a dangerous and bloody ethnic war. It also dealt with the need to expose those two forces’ manipulations of people's lives by demanding independence of Kurdistan to save its people from this situation through a referendum for the people living in the conflict areas. 

Due to time constraints the congress approved to forward the draft resolution to the next politburo for its discussions and approval. The congress also agreed to assign the new politburo the last draft resolution on the agenda named "on the Palestinian Question” for approval.

The elections of the Central Committee resulted in electing the following comrades; Jalil Shahbaz, Khabat Majid, Khalifa Jabr, Sargol Ahmed, Sardar abdallah hama, Samir Noory, Susan, Raji Sahl, Sabah Ibrahim, Taha Hussein, Abbas Kamel, Issam Shukri, Awfi Madhi, Fateh Bahrami , Kawa Omer, Mariyam Jamil, and Ma’an Shamali. 

Issam Shukri delivered the closing speech in which he stressed the success of the congress and thanked the members for their contribution, enthusiasm, and the prevailing positive atmosphere, and all the guests who are formed of labor leaders and radical activists in Iraq. He acclaimed the importance of the resolutions approved by the congress for the current situation, indicating that the party has a significant opportunity to progress in the light of the revolutionary situation where for the first time the masses are descending to the streets to shape their own future.

At the end, the International anthem concluded the Third Congress amid an atmosphere of comradeship and willingness to fight for socialism. The Central Committee held its 7th.Plenum immediately after the congress to elect a secretary of the Central Committee. Comrade Issam Shukri was elected as secretary of the Central Committee unanimously. 6 members in the new Politburo were also elected: Khabat Majeed, Sardar Abdullah, Sargul Ahmed, Samir Noory, Abbas Kamel, and Awfi Madhi.

The Third Congress of the Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq - LWPI

Baghdad in 22/12/2012