Divine victories….Human Defeats!


By: Issam Shukri


An unprecedented fierce wave of mass killings is sweeping through the Middle East. This is ensuing in the course of struggle between the militarism of the US state, its ally Israel, and NATO states from one side, and the terrorism of the forces, militias, groups, and states of Political Islam, from the other.


Under the backward consequences of this barbaric struggle, the leaders of Political Islam in the region consider human slaughter as divine endowment; mass murder as victories! They insist that acquiring and piling up weaponry calls for celebration and chanting! They declare that they are winning the war while the masses across the Middle East are loosing, daily, yet another hope for a better life, with increasing deprivation and lack of security as the outcome of this growing and brutal fight. The last war of Israel on Lebanon has strengthened the Islamic movement in the region. The Islamists are now reproducing their reactionary ideology in an attempt to tighten their grip on the society while at the same time, and at the same pace, the US and its ally Israel are continuing with their militarism and state terrorism through bombing civilians and smashing societies.


Are these mass killings against humans really victories?! Is the killing of children and destruction of thousands of homes and creating fear, terror, and hatred in their hearts for the rest of their lives, a victory?!


The answer is yes, it is a victory, though not for the principles and values of humanity but for the movement of Political Islam; from Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, and Palestine to Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Algeria, Egypt, Sudan and Somalia, the movement of Political Islam is achieving its victories through explosives, rockets, and blood sheds against the deprived masses and their struggles, achievements, and demands of prosperity, equality, and human emancipation. The divine victories of Political Islam are the defeats of humanity and its tragedy. This miserable situation is a disgrace on the forehead of humanity.


In this continuing war between the two poles, the humans do not win, neither the forces of humanity and civility, prosperity and equality; the childhood doesn’t win, nor women or workers rights. The winners are both foes of this barbaric struggle; the rightwing and reactionary wins, while the left, socialism, and civilization retreats. Every time one side of this clash claims victory, we immediately know that humanity is taking another step towards decrepitude. Maliki, Al Sadr, Sistani, Ahmadinajad, Khamana’ie, Muttaki, Nasrallah, Hannyiah, Ghardawi, Zawahiri, and Bin laden, and hundreds of other sheikhs, mullahs, and Imams of Political Islam triumph with every explosion, with them triumph George Bush, Rumsfeld, Wolfowitz, Tony Blair, Olmert and Peretz with all the neo-conservatives and rightists of the West. With those triumph all deities of heaven!


But on earth; in the bitter daily reality of real people, among the rubbles and shattered bodies, the hopes collapse, and a wave of death, fear, and despair sweeps through the towns and villages. The aspirations of millions of people are destroyed and in the heat of this beastly struggle, humanity retreats.


We must establish the alternative of humanity; the left, egalitarian, and secular alternative. Through this alternative we must be able to push back those two terrorist poles. We must raise our own independent pole which opposes both terrorists.


It is upon us, the forces of socialism, secularism, and the Left, lies the burden of turning the bloody victories of deities into victories of humanity; victories for all humans!