In March 8 International Women’s Day
No to Women’s Veil, no to Islamic Laws against Women, Yes to the Total Equality between Women and Men
In March 8 thousands of organizations and activists gather to work for the commemoration of the International Women's Day through demonstrations, rallies, and celebrations. They exchange greetings, speeches, and congratulations in this occasion to stress their will to continue the struggle for equality between women and men and for their total and unconditional emancipation.
In March 8, the Women's liberation in Iraq WLI joins all women and men around the world who demand freedom and equality for women and confirms that women’s rights are universal.  Our organization also stresses the gravity of women’s status around the world.
Women are exposed to different forms of social oppression because of traditions imposed on them by religious and tribal forces. Those traditions and discriminatory practices exist originally. However they have tremendously increased due to the collapse of society and the war between the terrorists. The situation prevalent is due to the war between the two poles of terrorism; the US occupation forces from one hand, and the Islamic-nationalist militias from the other. The latter concentrates its activity on indiscriminate killing of citizens, explosion of cars, and kidnapping; an Islamic policy aims at deteriorating the situation to further chaos in order to create more fear and terror in the hearts of people and to achieve their political agenda.
This situation has led to an abnormal situation in Iraq and destroyed the simplest conditions necessary in any civil society. This abnormality and lack of state in Iraq has caused the absence of safety and security and the wide spread of violence and crimes and terrorism. However, women’s suffering is double.
The women are widely exposed to the violation of their human rights. Women are facing harsh conditions of rape by the US soldiers and also “honor killings” by their male family members according to tribal and Islamic traditions. Women are forced to wear veil at the risk of being kidnapped or killed by Islamic gangs. Women have been the first victims of the US war on Iraq which have turned Iraq into a battleground between these forces. Women were forced to withdraw from the social sphere into the corners of their kitchens turning centuries of their progress into another economical and social subservience.
The women's liberation in Iraq salutes all egalitarian, and equality loving people for the support of women struggle in Iraq against the forces of political Islam and nationalism who are eager to impose Shari’a Islamic misogynist laws on Iraqi women.
In this occasion we confirm our commitment to bring back women to defend their rights against the forces that want to oppress her. Our organization seeks to make the women’s voices heard. We stress the need of Iraqi women and our organization to all sorts of support through taking up our demands to oppose the reactionary Islamic forces in the region and in Iraq. These reactionary forces all but aim at imposing Shari’a Islamic laws on women and tribal practices and destroy all the achievements of the women liberation movement in Iraq in the last decades. The support of international organizations to our struggle against US occupation as well as the Islamic and nationalist reactionaries is invaluable for us to reach peace and normality and thus open wide horizons for the women to struggle for their equality and freedoms. Women’s freedom is a yardstick to the freedom of society and humanity at large.
Long Live March 8!
Together for Total Equality between Women and Men!
Khayal Ibrahim, Coordinator
Women’s Liberation in Iraq – WLI
March 5, 2007