In Labour Day
Long Live International Solidarity of the Working Class
We Call upon the Working Class in Canada to Join the Third Camp in order to push back the Two Poles of International Terrorism: the USA State and Political Islam


 Although workers of North America celebrate this day apart from the international working class’s celebration of May Day; they endure the same hardships and agonies due to their lack of solidarity in their fights against the exploiting Bourgeoisie. They also share the same humane goals and alternatives.
 The whole world today is facing the tragic consequences of the events of September 11 in New York City. It is passing through the times of brutal and bloody struggle between the two poles of the international terrorism; the pole of the US state with its allies in NATO and the state of Israel, from one side, and the camp of Political Islam with all its trends and states, from the other. Both forces are destroying the lives of millions of workers with their continuous barbaric struggle for political supremacy. They both boast about committing their mass killings against ordinary people under the pretexts of “War on Terrorism”, “Armed Resistance against Imperialism and Zionism”, “Jihad against Crusaders and Infidels”, and so on and so forth. Millions of workers and toilers, children, women and ordinary citizens, are the real victims of these massacres prepared daily by the bourgeoisie, from Iraq and Palestine, to Lebanon and Afghanistan, from Madrid and London, to Indonesia and Kashmir.
In Iraq, the working class is standing defenseless in the face of the two poles of international terrorism. The US and British forces are occupying Iraq with their armies and lethal weapons. They continue to use barbaric attacks on the masses. From the other side, the gangs, militias, and groups of Political Islam and nationalists, pro and anti US, are increasing their grip on the society. From car explosions and mass killing of innocent civilians and unaware passers by, to mass murder of workers and toilers, these gangs continue to wage terror and fear. Both sides of terrorism in Iraq are dragging the society to the abyss; destroying its civil society and its institutions, causing the collapse of the economic situation and people’s livelihoods, and robbing the masses off their long-struggled-for rights and benefits. After 3 years of the US war on Iraq, the agony of the people continues to increase. Their hopes of a civil, normal, and secular society are dwindling under the yoke of Political Islamic militias. However this tragic situation, the society is witnessing a wave of massive protests in all cities; from Sulaimaniyah and Kifri, to Chamchamaal and Rania, from Baghdad and Simawa, to Nasiriyah and Basra. The workers and toilers are protesting demanding better lives and the end to the role of the two poles of terrorism, their corruption, crimes, and daily suppression.
 The world ruled by the USA’s New World Order is reversed. It is a cruel, inhumane, and merciless. It must be immediately changed. The task of changing it however lays solely upon the workers and civilized people; the Third Camp. The working class has an immediate interest in ending this situation. The influence of both poles of terrorism decreases when the influence of the working class with its socialist and communist forces starts to increase.
The destiny of humanity and civilization depends on the immediate intervention of the working class. We call upon all workers in Canada and all humanitarian forces to increase their influence and involvement in politics and their political role in society. Only workers and socialists are able to stand up against terrorism and bring about its alternative; an alternative that is worthy of humanity.
Long Live Socialism!
Long Live International Solidarity of the Working Class!
The Left Worker Communist Party of Iraq - LWPI
Sept.1, 2006