Strike in Nasiriyah Hospital


We Denounce the Attacks on Doctors and Nurses in Nasiryah hospital and Support their Demands for Security


On April 17, 2007 a strike in Nasiryah Hospital was called for by doctors, nurses, service workers, and adminstration employees in response to a vicious attack perpetrated by military gangs on the doctors at the Emergency Unit.


Security forces were called in order to provide protection for the doctors and workers. Later, the head of Nasiriyah Health Department, the mayor, and the deputy of Police Chief arrived to negotiate ending the strike. The meeting started and an agreement was reached to temporarily end the strike in Emergency and Intensive Care unit’s.


The next day, April 18, at 8 a.m. the workers and doctors of the hospital gathered and resumed the strike. The mayor, head of health department, and Nasiryah Police Chief returned in an attempt to end the strike. The negotiations commenced again and still proceeding. The strikers are persisting to demand the provision of full security for all workers in health institutions of Nasiriyah.


We in the Nasiriyah Committee of the Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq support and stand by the strikers until achieving their demands to provide security and safety for workers in all health institutions and for all citizens against the attacks of criminal armed militias and call for the immediate realization of these demands.


Nasiriyah Committee

The Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq – LWPI