May Day 2010 Declaration

The first of May is the International Labor Day. It is a day that represents the solidarity of workers around the world, and their struggle against capitalism; a system of wage slavery, poverty, starvation, deprivation, exploitation, violation of people’s rights, oppression, and of wars, controlled by handful of parasites.

On a world scale, the voices of the working class are rising after the collapse of bourgeoisie’s political and economic alternatives. On one hand the bourgeoisie failed to bring about any political model that it could boast about, dragging humanity from one disaster to another. On the economic level the world is still under the effects of the devastating crisis that took place early last year, which exposes the myth of the so-called eternal victory of free-market capitalism, putting the entire capitalist system in disarray. At the social level, the lies of the bourgeoisie regarding capitalism’s ability to provide better opportunities for the advancement of human condition have been exposed. Ethnic, nationalist, religious, sectarian, and gender division of society has replaced citizenry and equal rights, degradation of women has replaced secularism, modernity, and equality. The so-called local cultures have replaced universal rights. The situation of millions of young people, boys and girls, have deteriorated and fell into the trap of orphanage, forced labor, prostitution, sex trade, and slavery, while the bourgeoisie is busy imposing rotten clergymen and religious institutions on the people in order to circulate ignorance, superstition, and spiritual deprivation.

But Iraq is, more than any other place, witnessing the failure of the bourgeoisie. Despite smashing society with the invasion and war and U.S. and Islamic terrorism, millions of workers are still undulating from a disaster to another. Millions are living in the shadows of poverty, destitution, homelessness, and displacement. Unemployment has reached very high rates at the time many cuts in social and health programs are being forced on workers and toilers, who struggled for years and years to achieve them, along with egalitarian, socialists and communists.  Workers are under systematic oppression at their workplaces. They are prevented their basic international rights of assembly, strike, and organization. The bourgeoisie is expelling workers haphazardly; distance their leaders to remote areas, and imposing anti-workers Baath party labor law which the most infamous of which is the law called “Turning of workers into civil servants”. Workers are currently under threat of imprisonment, even murder, in case they protested or resisted.

The so-called elections, which were promoted by the West and the Islamic-national groups as “the last salvation of Iraqi people”, in reality, re-produced the same groups of disaster. The results of these elections represent the interests of the bourgeois class globally and their local representative of warring factions. Those results are diametrically opposed to the interests of deprived workers and women.  By concluding the results, which are far from being reliable, one can see the rise of the Pan-Arab nationalists, the remnants of the Baath party, and the Sunni Islamists, over Shiite Political Islam. But all these groups have the same political essence; hostile to workers and equality and are equally brutal and murderous.

But even though the situation in Iraq is shaky and uncertain, the current Iranian revolution points out to a different direction. The Iranian revolutionary movement against the Islamic Republic is causing the tremble of the largest poles of political Islam in the world. The revolutionary movement for the people of Iran has the radical political features of the working class and is reflected at every turning point in its confrontation with the inhuman Islamic Republic, and its raising of left and socialists slogans. The revolutionary movement bears the potential and hope for workers in Iraq, the region, and the world. We call upon the working masses to support and reinforce that revolution.

 In this glorious day our party calls upon the international solidarity of all workers, and declares that a Marxist, Leftist, and revolutionary party is present, ready, and determined to strengthen and unite the struggles of the working class in Iraq and declares that the Socialist alternative is the only solution to rid the society off barbarism. The solution is in the hands of the working class, the class which is able to make a new history for mankind; a history of humanity and human society.

Long Live May 1, the International Labor Day!

Long live the International solidarity of the working class!

Long live socialism!


The Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq -LWPI

April 17, 2010