Declaration of Support


To All U.S.A and Iraq’s Dock workers for their Exemplary Show of Workers’ International Solidarity


On May Day this year, 25000 dockworkers in all parts of the United States went on strike to protest the continuing U.S. war in Iraq and to show their support for their fellow workers in Iraq. In a meaningful and symbolic gesture, The dock workers in the ports of Basra in Iraq stopped the work for one hour at the same day to show their solidarity with their U.S comrade-workers.


The position of US Docks Workers and Iraq is a wonderful example of workers’ international solidarity and of comradeship, and at the same time, a blow to the face of the bourgeoisie of both the US and Iraq, this class which has not saved any effort to destroy Iraq’s society and turned it into a battle field for their domination and influence at the expense of the lives, well-being, security, tranquility, and rights of millions of people.


The Left worker-Communist Party of Iraq LWPI, warmly appreciates this solidarity and salutes dock workers in both the U.S. and Iraq for their stance, and expresses its support for their demands to end the war and establish security and tranquillity for the masses in Iraq. Our party stresses the fact that the bourgeois class is completely incapable to resolve the disastrous situation in Iraq, and that the solution, however, lies in the hands of the working class and socialists who have the interest in putting an end to the current situation and push towards building a free, equal, and propsperous society.


Our party also confirms that the solution to the situation, fundamentally and urgently, requires the immediate expullsion of all U.S. forces from Iraq and the disarming of all Islamic and nationalist militias. On this occasion, our party calls for dock workers of the USA to embrace these demands, to rally around them, push them to the fore, and promote them within the working class and the whole civilized masses of the USA. The withdrawl of US forces and disarming of all Islamic and nationalist militias by bringing in an international force with no presence of any of the occupying forces, represents a possible and viable solution out of this catastrophic situation and ending the terrible humanitarian crisis for millions of workers, toilers and the deprived, and to bring security and peace to Iraq.


Long Live Solidarity of dock workers in the USA and Iraq!

Long Live Workers’ Internation Solidarity!

Long live the Socialist Republic!


The Left worker-Communist Party of Iraq