The Russian revolution of October 1917, man’s greatest social achievement of all time, proved that only the politically organized working class is capable, through gaining the political power, of opening the new horizon of a free and equal world devoid of all exploitation for the society at large.

That was, indeed, the greatest achievement of the October Revolution, and it shook the foundations of the capitalist system so hard that its aftershocks caused great positive effects for decades in the lives of a considerable section of the impoverished population of the world, including the West.     

Today, in the current historic moments when the Wall Street falls and the bourgeois thinkers admit the end of their world, capitalism has no prospect to offer except abject misery and brutal oppression for billions of people across the globe for years to come. So, humanity is today, more urgently than ever, faced with the momentous choice between socialism and barbarity. Yes, the world is, indeed, in dire need of another ‘October’!

Celebration of October Revolution is the celebration of humanity against capitalist barbarity. 



* Speeches by:

- Hamid Taqvaai, leader of Worker-communist Party of Iran

- Khabaat Majid, Politburo member of Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq

*Dinner, Music and dance

Cost: $15

Place: 25 Cecil Street (Spadina & College) 

Time: Sat. Nov. 8, 6:30 PM

Contact Numbers (416) 471-7138    & (416) 858- 6974

Worker-communist Party of Iran - Canada Branch

Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq – Canada Branch