A Message

from the Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq - LWPI

to the 31st plenum of the Worker-communist party of Iran - WPI



Dear comrades,


As the 31st plenum of the WPI is commencing its agenda, our politburo extends its comradely congratulations to the comrades and wish the plenum all success and to achieve its goals.


The political situation in Iran is full of changes and confrontations between the masses and the Islamic regime. The Islamic republic is trapped in a crisis and a complete failure in solving the situation. On the other hand the revolutionary situation in Iran is increasing, leading people to widen and sharpening their struggles and apprehension of their conditions for their demands and for prosperous and free life. The role of WPI, amidst these struggles, and its leadership to the front of workers is a very important role. Internationally, capitalism, in all its centres; in the West or the Islamic states, is going through an impasse. This crisis is threatening to throw the lives of billions of people in the abyss of poverty and hopelessness. At the same time, the WPI, an internationalist party of the working class has successfully identified the features of this crisis and explained its dimensions to workers everywhere.


Upon plenum 31st. of WPI lays the task of issuing resolutions and papers which would draw the paths of party struggles for the coming period.


Our party highly values the leading role of WPI and raising the banner of worker communism. The advancement of WPI is the advancement of LWPI in its struggle for freedom, equality and prosperity for the people of Iraq. Our party stands side by side and shoulder to shoulder with the WPI and supports it with all its abilities in order to reach our mutual goals for better world, for socialism.


We wish the 31st all the success for the advancement of worker communism.



Issam Shukri

C/O the Politburo of the Left worker-communist party of Iraq - LWPI