March 8 – International Women’s Day

The Struggle of Women’s Liberation Movement is linked to the Working Class’s Struggle for Socialism


In March 8 the civilized humanity, working class, and all women, celebrate International Women's Day.  March 8 is a reminder of the struggles of women’s liberation movement for freedom and equality. It is a declaration of the harsh reality for billions of women and girls who currently live in the most inhumane of situations created and maintained by the bourgeois class as precondition to uphold the system of contemporary slavery - capitalism. The celebration of International Women's Day in March 8 is the declaration of civilized humanity for the urgent and pressing need to escalate its struggles towards ending the violations against women.


Around the world, billions of women and girls suffer from discrimination and rightlessness. In work places, women workers suffer from lower wages compared to that of men workers who labour the same type of work. At the same time, women are exposed to exploitation inside their houses through unpaid service labour, arrogance, and male chauvinism. Women’s misery is an integral part of the conditions prepared by the bourgeoisie to sustain capitalism and prevents happiness from billions of people.  More over, these conditions pave the way to further reproduce the same circumstances, however more barbarically, for new generations of girls.


In society, women suffer from a blatant violation of their individual, civil, and social rights. Basic rights such as the right to choose a partner, the right to make love affair or the right to divorce, child custody, or the freedom of dress, travel, equal inheritance and full witness in the courts of law, and many other violations, are committed by the bourgeoisie. To this day, the worst and most humiliating violations against women are being practiced before the eyes of world through "white slavery" trade; selling and smuggling of women across international borders for the purpose of cheap labour, prostitution, and sex trade.


In countries afflicted with Political Islam, women’s situations are in their severest degrees of deterioration. In addition to being discriminated against on the basis of her gender, the woman is subjugated to the “divine” reactionary laws of Islam which establish and reinforce women’s inferiority in non-debatable documents.  Women in those societies find it impossible to show any sign of protest or objection to the Islamic violations of their humanity. The submission of millions of women to the tyranny and torture of mullahs, sheikhs and clerics, as well as of gangs of Political Islam and tribal leaders, has turned millions of women’s lives into unbearable torturous conditions.


In Iraq which has become the focal point and a vast open killing field for international terrorism’s leaders: the US government, Britain, and their allies from one side, and Political Islam from the other, woman suffer all sorts of violations in addition to mass killing perpetrated by the US and Islamic terrorism. The ongoing terrorists’ war between these poles has led to a complete lack of security, supremacy of Political Islamic militias, sectarian war, and the re-identification of humans on the basis of religion and sect i.e. the absence of citizenship. The retreat of women’s situation in Iraq is due to the collapse of civil society at the hands of the US and the increase of barbaric Political Islamic influence.


The power of egalitarian women’s movement is historically related to the struggle of the working class and socialists for the abolition of capitalism and for equality. Any improvement to the potential of this movement today is connected with the influence of the working class movement, the left, and socialism. In Iraq, the goals of this movement for a civilized and secular society; a more humane society, is dependent on the ability of our party and all workers, socialists, and secularists to mobilize people in order to push aside the poles of terrorism and establish a normal, secular and civil society. Our party confirms the importance of independence of this egalitarian movement from the bourgeoisie class and its reformist feminist movements and to separate its horizons from those parts which falsely claim to be communist and radical but in fact exploit the struggles of women and collaborate with Political Islam and nationalists in order to secure a foothold in the US’s New World Order. These attempts will lead the egalitarian women’s movement to annihilation and to paths distant from workers and socialists and will eventually face blockage of horizons. Our party reiterates its confirmation that the working class is the only class in society which is capable of achieving women’s freedom and complete equality with men because the working class is the only class with the capacity to struggle for socialism as it is the beneficiary of achieving it.


We call upon the libertarian women’s movement in Iraq and the Arab world, to unite their ranks and struggle against the forces of political Islam and its gangs. Those attempt to destroy women’s achievements of the last several decades. We must not be silent or submissive to the forces of Political Islam which degrade and insult the humanity of women. We must ruthlessly criticize Political Islam and mobilize all women and men in the world against this reactionary movement on a large scale. Our party declares its support for all egalitarian women’s movements and calls upon them to associate their political struggle for freedom and equality with our socialist movement and with the aspirations of workers to achieve a better and humane world


Long Live March 8 – the International Women’s Day

Long live the Socialist Women’s Struggle for Freedom and Equality


The Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq - LWPI

March 8, 2007