Our Alternative to Political Power in Iraqi Kurdistan


The revolutionary movement of the people of Kurdistan is escalating. This movement aims at putting an end to the rule of a handful of nationalist, dictatorial and tribal forces which have based its rule on the impoverishment of people and looting the wealth of society, imposing wide scale oppression and completely hijacking the will power of people of Kurdistan. The current revolutionary uprising requires joining forces of all those who believe the importance of saving society from the current government and the prospects of achieving an alternative to embody the power of the masses. The Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq lays out its document "our alternative to the political power in Iraqi Kurdistan" and put it in front of all the political forces, individuals, and parties, in order to sign it, explaining its principles as follows:


1. The current government cannot continue any longer. This government must go.

2. An alternative government is to be formed by all those individuals, political forces, and parties that agree to and work for the implementation of the demands contained in this document. the next government should implement the following tasks immediately and without any delay:


the release of all political freedoms in Kurdistan of Iraq without restriction or condition

hold all of those who had their hands stained with the blood of the masses, whether in power or within the ranks of the opposition who were previously in office for their repression against the masses , accountable and bring them to trial

release of all political prisoners and prisoners of conscience

Adoption of a the broadest liberties, individual, civil,  and social

provision of employment opportunities or unemployment insurance for every unemployed man or woman

separation of religion entirely from the State also from educational and judicial systems

Adoption of the principle of equal citizenship and the abolition of all distinctions based on national  ethnic, religious,  or sexual differences among members of society

Adoption of the full equality of women with men and the abolition of all laws that reinforce inferiority of women

abolition of death penalty immediately

Adoption of the full freedoms of expression, belief, and the press without any restriction or condition

Adoption of the freedom of association, demonstration and strike


3. The next government is to organize free elections with preparations in advance in order to provide an opportunity for all political forces to define themselves and their programs and allow full freedom for the masses to determine their own political destiny through holding election in a free atmosphere


Our Party calls on all parties agree on this political power alternative to sign this document in order to activate and strengthen the ranks of the masses and draw a political alternative that can represent the power of the people.


Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq