Declaration of the Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq regarding the Revolution in Iran

The Beginning of the End to the Islamic Republic

Iranian streets are overflowing with massive demonstrations since the announcement of the farce-elections’ results run by the bloody Islamic regime. Despite the fact that the “elections” itself was a sickening farce and a role-play amongst the poles of the Islamic regime, the result itself has sparked the flame of anger of millions of people, not against the results, but against the whole Islamic ruling regime. The counterfeit of the so-called elections was the reason for the people to go out to the streets to announce their abhorrence and rejection to the barbaric Islamic regime headed by the gang of Khamanaie – Ahmadinedjad. The Iranian masses are determined to topple this ostracized regime. What is happening in Iran is a mass revolution; the people are ready now for revolutionary struggles in order to topple this regime.

The Islamic regime has been using every single means of repression; terror, mass killings, sexual apartheid and slavery against women, blood baths, sadistic Islamic stoning and execution, torturing, and killing tens of thousands of political opponents. The Iranian people abhor this brutal regime and want to immediately topple it.  The revolution of the people of Iran will open wide horizons to millions of freedom-loving people in the Middle East who loathe Islamic regimes and Political Islam and long for getting rid of them.

The Islamic Republic of Iran is one of the major poles of Political Islam in the world. The quivering of this vicious throne and the bursting of millions of people into the streets against it is a great sign of defeat and collapse of Political Islam’s position on a world scale; the beginning of its end.  In Iraq, the masses has been suffering from the calamity caused by the USA through imposing political Islam’s and nationalist’s groups supported by the Islamic Republic of Iran. The people of Iraq has lived through the bitterness of the rule of a handful of mullahs and Islamic parties’ militias such as Al Da’wa, the Supreme Islamic Council, Muqtada al Sadr, Hizbullah, the Islamic Party, and Al Qaeda, which are all but most reactionary and anti-human Islamic groups, much the same as the masses of Palestine and Gaza  witnessed, not only the crimes and barbarism of the State of Israel and its army, but the suppression and inhumanity of Political Islam represented by Hamas, Islamic Jihad, and others. Today, the forces of Political Islam are quivering everywhere as they watch the millions in Iran marching to punish the despicable Islamic regime.

Our party considers the events in Iran as a victory of the Iranian people and a positive result of the elections-farce. At the same time it considers that the vigor, leadership, activity, and role of the Worker-communist Party of Iran in its revolutionary propaganda and agitation, through its publications and mainly “the New Channel – Kanal e Jadid” TV station, have participated directly in the advance of the revolutionary movement in Iran and granted its increasing momentum.

Our party considers the Worker communist party of Iran – WPI, as the competent revolutionary party ready to lead the revolutionary movement of the Iranian people toward achieving its final end-result which is the overthrowing of the Islamic Republic. The Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq – LWPI, stands vehemently to the side of the Worker-communist Party of Iran, and support its endeavor amidst these circumstances, for the unity and leadership of the revolutionary movement in Iran and to provide it with the horizon to finally overthrow the Islamic Republic and open the widest and most humane horizons for millions of people, not only in the Middle East, but all over the world.

Victory to the Iranian People against the Barbaric Islamic Regime!

Long Live the Socialist Revolution!

Long Live the Worker-communist Party of Iran – WPI!


The Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq – LWPI

June 16,