George W. Bush in Toronto

Arrest George W. Bush Immediately

on charges of Genocide against Humanity!


George W. Bush will visit Toronto on Friday, May 29th to deliver a speech to a group of capitalists and get paid hundreds of thousands of dollars.


George W. Bush is the spearhead of the “New World Order” and the most infamous US official to implement its criminal strategy; a strategy based on militarism, setting fires everywhere, fabrication of  “axes of evil”, bombing of cities, killing thousands of unarmed civilians, creating a global gloomy atmosphere of fear, terror, anxiety, and religious reaction, and the throwing of the garbage-ideologies of Political Islam and rightwing on peoples’ heads everywhere.

George W. Bush is the former US President that the history will remember as the perpetrator of the worst massacres in Iraq and the faker of dozens of documents regarding the possession of the previous regime to Weapons of Mass Destruction and other allegations, which George W. Bush himself admitted false while cowardly blaming his CIA of dereliction! The stark reality, which goes beyond doubt is that the policy of George Bush and the neo-conservatives named the New World Order, dictated the forgery of hundreds of facts in order to implement the policies of the U.S. state barbarism in order to convert dozens of countries into conflict zones with yet another barbaric pole; Political Islam, drowning people in their own bloods by bombings, shelling, displacement, and deepening the anti-human policies based on religious hatred, sectarianism, ethnicity, and tribalism.

Our party demands the arrest of George W. Bush for committing crimes against humanity, to be tried for his crimes against hundreds of thousands of people during his reign, who witnessed, in addition to the tightening of economic sanctions, his orders to the U.S. military machine to attack Iraq, destroy its society, and occupy it in the year 2003.

It is obvious that the bourgeois class will defend the likes of George W. Bush and embrace him and provide him with platforms that allow him to continue promoting his lies in order to further delude the people, but they do so in order to protect themselves from the fury of the masses everywhere. The Bourgeoisie makes George W. Bush and harsh criminals like Saddam Hussein, Khomeini, Pinochet, Hitler, as examples of strong governance, rather than hold them accountable for their criminal and reactionary actions against humanity.


Arrest George Bush Immediately!

Either Socialism or barbarism!


The Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq