No to the fascist State of Israel’s Terrorism


Immediately Stop the Genocide Perpetrated by the Israeli ِArmy against the Civilians of Gaza


Israel launched an air campaign of heavy bombing on the city of Gaza on Saturday, 28-12-2008, targeting security centers of the Islamic group Hamas which controls the City. The brutal air strikes have resulted in the killing of more than 230 people and injuring hundreds of others and the demolishing of hundreds of buildings and creating a state of terror and fear among the citizens, caused by the violent bombing while the hospitals have been filled with decapitated bodies and heads. The Israeli army said its planes threw more than 100 tons of explosives on Gaza in the deadliest bombing campaign.


Israel's bombing of Gaza is a barbaric State - Terrorism that must be confronted with anger and protest. This is part of the on-going conflict between the State of Israel which is founded on religious basis, and supported by the U.S.A, and the barbaric Islamic movement Hamas, backed by Iran, and Ahmadinejad, which spares no opportunity to fire rockets at Israeli populated neighborhoods.


The bombing is an Israeli vicious attack on over one million defenseless civilians living in Gaza while claiming to eliminate the sources of rocket launched by Hamas Islamic fighters on Israel. The state of Israel knows more than anyone else, that the elimination of the rockets is practically impossible, even if it threw millions of tons of bombs, because those rocket attacks are not taking place in military installations, but in the open ground, or from the roof tops of houses and populated neighborhoods.


The purpose of the State of Israel from its vicious air campaign is to create terror in the region with the greatest possible destruction and death toll among Palestinians in order to impose its hegemony and power in defiance to all calls and cries of humanity to stop the massacres and to agree on lifting the economic blockade on the innocent people of Gaza, with the accomplice of the authorities in Egypt.


Our Party denounces the brutal bombing by the state of Israel against the people of Gaza and considers it as a crime of State Terrorism and calls for its immediate and unconditional stop, and to bring those who ordered it to trial as criminals. The end of the brutal conflict between the forces of terrorism on the regional level and the world will only be achieved through the establishment of a Palestinian state with equal rights to the State of Israel, and therefore, put an end to terrorism, racism and fascism, and the religious Right-wing on both sides of the conflict. This is the task of humanity and the Palestinian Left and also the task of civilized humanity around the world.


Stop the barbaric bombing of the Israeli planes on the civilian population in Gaza now!

Freedom and security to the Peoples of Palestine and Israel!

Yes to establishing a Palestinian state with equal rights to the state of Israel!



The Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq - LWPI