The Dark Scenario and the Strategy of the Left Worker-communist Party LWPI for the Emancipation of the People of Iraq


1.                  Since the US occupation, the Iraqi society has turned into a battle field between the most backward and anti-humane forces, the occupation forces from one side and Political Islam and other Islamic-nationalists from the other. Chaos and crumbling of the whole society foundations and the absence of the simplest means of livelihood such as security, work, health care, education, and hospitalization, are all but direct results to the military campaign of America and its allies.

2.                  The tragic current situation in Iraq, which we call the dark scenario, is in general, the outcome of the post cold-war world and the New World Order of the US. This situation, which we had witnessed similar ones unfolding in some African countries and ex-Soviet republics is basically a sign of the bankruptcy and the absence of any Western bourgeoisie alternative in the post cold-war era and its incline toward the most religious, nationalist, and racist factions and to negate all the civilized and humane methods in order to secure its policies and interests.

3.                   The military policy of the West and particular that of the US in Iraq, has in the current circumstances paved the way for the practices of political Islam and the Baathists and other reactionary forces. These conflicting powers whether pro or anti-US, which represent the components of the US-required state in Iraq, driven to the political scene, are part and parcel of the Western policies in Iraq and the region.

4.                  The American and the western bourgeoisies in general do not want and can not secure a stable, secular, non nationalist and non ethnic regime in Iraq. Even if the current war stopped, the state which will be formed on the basis of the US policy will necessarily be of religious and nationalist nature and will form the reason for the eruption and continuation of conflicts and internal wars in the society. Putting an end to the dark scenario under the imperialist and bourgeois politics is possible, but within the same policies, founding a non-nationalist, non-religious state and a civil society in Iraq is impossible. In the current circumstances of Iraq, this task is the responsibility of the communists.

5.                  The circumstances of the dark scenario in Iraq have made survival, a daily dilemma to workers and the people of Iraq. They suffer from the lack of security and hunger and the lack of the simplest rights of health care, prosperity, and civility. Therefore, and on the basis of the presence of a body that could manage society affairs, the issue of the State and governance becomes an urgent issue in Iraq

6.                  There is a big disparity between revolutionary situation and the dark scenario. First, the egalitarian and equality aspirations of the people have not played any role in the creation of such circumstances .Secondly: the instability and chaos and the trembling of society pillars makes of the issue of daily living and mere survival an urgent and daily problem for the people, who consequently suffer which then deviate their attention from demanding freedom and equality and finally ;thirdly: the uprooting of state or, at best, the weakening and non-presence of the direct influence of the state, deforms the situation, and deletes the target and the ascription to the objections and struggles of the people. It becomes unknown which direction do people direct their protests and demands and which authority would be responsible to answer to their demands. In its entirety, this situation create, inside of the masses, a kind of loss and the lack of horizon and hopes and creates a suitable atmosphere for religious and nationalist dark forces to re-produce their power yet again

7.                  With the presence of the above-mentioned differences, the dark scenario thereupon, and in such circumstances has a similar aspect to revolutionary conditions where the state also represents the pivotal and main issue of society and of the parties and political powers and the masses. On the other side, the absence or weakness of the central government i.e. police, prisons, and in general, the weakness of the repressive apparatus. Practically this prepares suitable conditions for the communists, depending on their organizational power, and the protesting people against these dark forces, for the effective intervention in the change of these circumstances and the ending of the current situation. We must quickly mobilize our forces and the power of workers and toilers for the confrontation of all dark scenario forces be it the US and its allies or the opposing religious movements.


This being said, the sole force that can end the dark scenario in Iraq and establishes a non-nationalist, non religious secular government, is the Left force and in particular the left Worker-communist Party. The international and local bourgeois powers in Iraq have clearly shown their inability to organize the society in such a way that guarantees the minimum degree of civilization and proper requirements for a worthy life to the humanity in Iraq

We declare that in the current political circumstances, the state and the socialist government is the only one capable, by the realistic meaning of the word, to be secular, non religious and non nationalist and civil. The left Worker-communist Party struggles for establishing such government and such society, i.e. gaining political power and stabilizing a socialist republic in Iraq.


In order to reach this strategic goal in the current circumstances we approve the following tasks in our agenda:


1.                  To struggle for the expulsion of the occupied forces and the disarmament of all Islamic and nationalists powers through organizing and bringing the people to the forefront both on the Iraqi and international levels, and through leading an effective international campaign to achieve these goals .

2.                  To Position our movement as an alternative power on the social level and to deploy against both poles of Western powers, and political Islam, and to expose Western democracy, political Islam, the Baathists, and all pan-Arab and Kurdish nationalisms. To show the line and the common and similar aspects of these forces and their relation to the same reactionary camp entrenched against the masses in Iraq. To clarify and gather forces around the fact that America and international and local bourgeoisie in Iraq are both incapable of establishing a civil and secular government in Iraq, and that the sole alternative, capable of carrying out this task i.e. secular, non-nationalist government is the Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq. Civil society in Iraq can not be but socialist.

3.                  To stand up in the face of any nationalistic or religious state and to expose any policies, elections, and plans that lead to finding such a state.

4.                  To Organize and mobilize people's powers in their neighborhoods, towns, and cities to expel the Western and Islamic-Baathist forces and to gain control in order to manage their matters by themselves.To practically establish party authority and implement its policies in those areas and provide security and freedom and activate daily life of the people based on the party policies and program, away from the attacks of Western and local armed forces. To arm the party and the people toward this aim.

5.                  To gather people's forces and specially those of women against Political Islam and the laws and dark alternatives that the Islamic forces want to impose on the society. To mobilize people's forces against any intervention of religion and its forces in the state and its laws and institutions and social affairs. To mobilize people's forces on the Iraqi and international level in the face of Islamic and Western governments' terrorism on the basis of their crimes committed daily and specially around their reactionary and hostile attitudes and alternatives toward humanity regarding political power in Iraq and the administration of social affairs in society.


Only through the effective and multilateral execution of these tasks could the ending of the dark scenario be possible, and in the end establishing a free, equal, and socialist system in Iraq. The Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq struggles and exerts all its energy for the execution of the above-mentioned tasks.


The Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq - LWPI

January 10, 2005