March 8 is the Day for Raising Voices
Demanding Full Equality between Women and Men
The International Women's Day is the day of the protest and raised voices against all anti-women and anti-human laws, which were enshrined by the capitalist system and enforced on mankind all over the world. Women and men are in a continuous struggle for the abolition of these systems and to change discriminatory laws.

The eighth of March this year coincides with the outbreak of successive revolutions, both around the world and Arab world known as the "Arab spring". These revolutions that led to sweeping changes and removal of dictators like Hosni Mubarak, Ben Ali, Gaddafi, and soon Bashar al-Assad, and others, was one of the biggest achievements of the revolutions in the region. Women have played a clear role in achieving all of these achievements.

It is known that the hopes and expectations of the people in Iraq and the countries in the region were not to have the Political Islam and nationalists to control political power. These forces that committed heinous crimes of bombing of people, killing of women, and imposition of veil on millions of women, and trading and raping of women and girls, and the violation of childhood and other crimes, have reached far beyond their limits. Under the control of these barbaric forces, women suppression increased over the past decades.

Administrative corruption has become as much as what the former rulers of Iraq committed. When Saddam Hussein regime was brought down, and those forces sat on his chair, those militias of Maliki, Barzani, Talabani, al-Sadr, Allawi, and others, applied the same constitutions and laws, where they achieved domination of men over women. Under these laws women do not have any rights and are suffering from being subjected to men supremacy under the same rotten laws of the Baathist regime which was based on Islamic Shari’a laws. Statistics showed that the killing of women and girls in the name of honor and honor killings by parents and brothers and husbands are on the rise and that these crimes still practiced daily in Iraq.

But fortunately, the radical and progressive forces in the world today and in Iraq are also confronting those reactionaries from Nationalism and Political Islam and in constant conflict with them to achieve equal rights for women all over the world. Alia Al Mahdi (the Egyptian brave woman who defied Political Islam in Egypt after the revolution) is an example of that courage, and showed the world "that the woman is the sole owner of herself and her body and no one has the right to posses her."

Political Islam and reactionary mentality is not only specific to countries in the Middle East, but also exist in Western countries, Europe, in the name of Multiculturalism, Respect for religions and cultures and customs, even if those rotten and reactionary traditions are against women and inhumane. The result of these policies is bloodshed for women and girls and in Western countries this has also become daily practices.

Organization for Women Liberation in Iraq WLI confirms that the only solution is for women to gain their rights and full equality with men in all areas. And it is through their participation and the participation of all who believe in women's equality to join our organization, to demonstrate and participate in organizations that unite their forces by raising slogans demanding full equality of women to men in the fronts of struggle (Tahrir Squares).

Organization of Women Liberation in Iraq calls upon women and all equality and freedom lovers, and progressives, to make this organization a means of struggle to them and to work to its full potential to confront the suppression of women and work against the tyranny patriarchy under reactionary Political Islam and Nationalism and raise the protesting voices against discrimination and to unify our goals.

Long Live March 8, the International Women's Day!
Long Live Full Equality of Women and Men!

Organization for Women Liberation in Iraq – WLI