Come out with the rest of the world
Against the Death Penalty!
October 10 is the International Day Against the Death Penalty. This year, the General Assembly of the United Nations is expected to pass a resolution, asking all countries to suspend the death penalty.
On October 10 the world will take heed of the death penalty, of what is, indeed, nothing but State homicide, currently executed in many countries. Prominently among them is the Islamic Republic of Iran. On that day the Iranian regime, which holds the world record both in terms the number of executions - relative to the population - and the extent of publicity it gives them, will come under global protest. On October 10 all the heads will turn towards Iran, and that will provide a unique opportunity for the Iranian society at large to denounce the death penalty along with all the freedom-loving people of the world community; to demand the global banning of capital punishment as premeditated, organized murder by the State; to cry out in protest that the death penalty is committed with the sole intention of  intimidating the people at large with the supreme power of the criminals organized as the State; to cry out loud that death penalty represents the rule of  those who recognize no dignity whatsoever for human life; to cry out loud that it is cruel and medieval, and that it belongs to the trash can of history.
On October 10 let us hold largest possible rallies to demand banning of the death penalty all over the world, and, in particular, to demand the immediate stoppage of  the rampant, 30-year wave of executions in Iran. Let us come out in vehement condemnation of the death penalty perpetrated by the Iranian Islamic regime, the United States, and China, along with other executioner states. Let us link arms with the people in Iran against the ruling Islamic regime, that is, the reign of terror and of the execution of ten thousands people so far.
Worker-communist Party of Iran calls upon all of you freedom-loving people to come out against the death penalty by any means and in any way you can. We in the Worker-communist Party of Iran, Canada branch, have organized a rally on October 10, and hereby call upon you all, libertarian people, to join us in defense of dignity of human life. Together we can give a louder, more effective voice to our protest against all executioner states, in general, and the regime of terror, execution, and stoning in Iran, in particular.
Time: 4 P. M., Wednesday, October 10.   
Place: Toronto - Queens Park     
Contact persons: Mitra Daneshi (416- 358-9600) and Yadi Mahmudi (416- 726- 9321)