The Immediate Release of all detainees from the Jails of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan - PUK

The PUK security forces (Asayesh) have launched a campaign to arrest and imprison many activists in Kurdistan. Tens of workers, lawyers, professionals, writers, journalists and other political activists were arrested in Sulaimaniyah, Kalaar, Kifri, Darbandikhaan, Chamchamaal, Rania, and other towns and villages following mass protests and demonstrations which have broken earlier in many cities and towns to protest the miserable living conditions, poverty, and the corruption prevailing in the civil administration. The security forces of the PUK have also been aggressively attacking the homes of many of the protesters in the middle of the night and hauling them to prisons.......Read More

A plea from Issam Shukri  

Support the striking cement workers of Tasluja in Sulaimaniyah - Iraq

Condemn the armed assault on the workers

Condemn the militias of PUK


All workers’ organizations and syndicates

Amnesty International and all international human rights organizations

All freedom-loving and defenders of equality, freedom, and prosperity

Dear Friends,

900 workers in Tasluja cement factory in Sulaimaniyah, Iraq have recently started a strike to demand raise of wages and hazard compensation as well as the return of their laid-off co-workers to their jobs. Their strike has been answered by a barrage of fire assault from the automatic weapons of the guards “protecting” the factory administration, causing the injury of 13 workers, some of whom are in a serious condition. At the hospital of Sulaimaniyah, some of the workers’ bodies were found to have received 3 bullets in the assault!......Details

Israel’s Attack on Lebanese People is a Political and Humanitarian Catastrophe


 Hamid Taqwaee

 Israel’s current war against Hezbollah is, for all practical purposes, a war against the people of Lebanon. It is, therefore, from a humanitarian standpoint, entirely sub-human and, from a political standpoint, totally reactionary.

 From a humanitarian perspective, it is mass killing of innocent, civilian population in Lebanon, and thus a criminal war in and of itself. It has so far left over three hundred dead, more than a thousand injured, and around half a million homeless and/or displaced.......Details

Stop the Terrorist War Immediately!

We Strongly Condemn the State of Israel’s War Crime  Against the Civilians in Qana

Under the Silence of the international community and the obstruction of the US government to reach a seize fire, the military forces of the state of Israel has committed the most horrific and brutal mass murder against the Lebanese civilians in this conflict so far. The Israeli war planes, in a barbaric air raid, have killed today Sunday the 30th of July 2006, around 60 civilians 30 of whom are children, while asleep in their home in the town of Qana causing the destruction of a whole residential building and horrific human causalities. The Israeli army claimed rockets of Hezbullah were launched from that location!.......Read More

Stop the Terrorists’ Attacks Immediately!

The Israeli attacks on Lebanon is a Dangerous Development in the War between the Two Camps of International Terrorism

In a serious military escalation in the Middle East, the Israeli jets today Thursday, July 13 2006 have bombed the city of Beirut causing death and injury to tens of civilians and the destruction of roads, bridges, and the city major international airport runways. This military escalation was said to be a response to the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers by the paramilitary militias of Hezbollah in the north of Israel and the rocketing of its towns and residential areas. Israel and Hezbollah are continuing to barbarically target each other’s cities and residential areas.......Details

Commemoration of Mansoor Hekmat in Toronto, July 7,2006

Speeches in Video files

Speech of Issam Shukri, Secretary of the Central Committee of the Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq – LWPI, on the commemoration of Mansoor Hekmat

Dear Comrades and friends

Good evening

Today we commemorate a great leader and Marxist thinker: Mansoor Hekmat. Today, I will not stress the person despite its importance, but the politician. I would like to emphasize this great leader’s affection and devotion for socialism and the cause of humanity to end its exploitation and achieve equality and freedom for all people.......Details

“Children First NOW” interview with khayal Ibrahim, member of the central committee of LWPIraq, on the situation of Children in Iraq

 Q: you as one of the “Children First Now”s activists recently returning from Iraq. Would you let us know about the situation of Children in Iraq particularly in Baghdad?

 Khayal Ibrahim:I would like to tell the readers that the situation in Iraq is very sad, especially for children. Children have no power or control over these brutal conditions. The children in Iraq are very vulnerable and abused by different ways. For example they lack the awareness and knowledge whether at home or at school. Children of poor Iraqi families work hard jobs for long hours. ......Details

Manifesto of the Third Camp against US Militarism and Islamic Terrorism

 The present conflict between the Western governments and the Islamic Republic of Iran can have disastrous human, political and social consequences.  The terrible experience of Iraq has shown to all the catastrophes that can result from economic sanctions and a military attack.  Deterioration of living conditions, economic plight, death, destruction and displacement of people, and increased repression by the Islamic regime, would be some of the immediate consequences of economic sanctions or a military attack on Iran.  This policy would unleash Islamic terrorism on a regional scale and escalate it internationally......Details

Long live May Day, the International Labour Day

Humanity Needs Socialism!

Lets make May Day a day of struggle for Socialism and Better World

 The working class all over the world celebrates May Day as a day of the international protest against exploitation, inequality, deprivation, and militarism maintained by the capitalist system against millions of people. Amidst the protests of this year and its political changes, one thing is increasingly becoming more obvious than ever before; humanity needs socialism today!  .....Details  

ٍSpeech of Samir Noory, member of Politburo of LWPI on May Day celebration

 Dears Friends

 I have just come back from Iraq ten days ago and was living in Baghdad. It is the most dangerous city in the world at this time and has not seen in its entire history such a brutal situation, not even in the eras of the barbarian wars of Howlacko and Genghis Khan. Seven million human beings live in fear of indescribable dangerous war. A country in which more than 27 million people live under the Islamists swords, bombs, Apache helicopters, huge armies, random killings, and a genocide, a sect against another and a tribe against another. .....Details  

Pictures of May Day in Toronto

The 1st Congress of the Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq – LWPI Successfully Concluded in Iraq

The 1st congress of the Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq - LWPI which convened in Iraq between 31 March and 1 April 2006 was concluded with big success. The congress was attended by representatives of the party organizations in Iraq and abroad and some guests.

The congress started with the International Anthem followed by a minute of silence in respect for those who scarified their lives for socialism. Issam Shukri opened the session with a short speech announcing the quorum needed to hold the congress and the congress approved its legality. .....Details  

Picturs of First congress of Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq – LWPI

Interview of Toward Socialism no. 45 (in Arabic) with Hamid Takvaee, the Leader and head of the Central Committee of the Worker-communist Party of Iran - WPI

Toward Socialism:The situation in Iraq is getting dangerous. Lately there was the upheaval by the Islamists from both sects that almost brought the society to the brink of a so-called sectarian war. What is your evaluation of this situation? What is the role of different factions and the US?

 Hamid Takvaee:The sectarian war is a direct result of the socio- political chaos created by US and its allies in Iraq. It is a war between pro-American and anti-American Islamist groups. It is a war between religious sects, not because of their religious differences but because of their different political positions and goals on post-Saddam Iraq......Details  

To ICFTU, world trade unions and Amnesty International

 Up to 1,000 striking bus workers in Iran laid off, Your financial support is urgently needed

 Shahla Daneshfar

You are of course aware that following the bus workers' protests and the magnificent international mobilisation by world trade unions in support of the workers, the Iranian government finally released around 1,000 detained strikers.  However, six union executive members and two other workers are still in prison.  They are: 1- Mansoor Ossanlou; 2- Ebrahim Madadi; 3- Mansoor Hayat-Gheibi; 4- Gholamreza Mirzaee; 5- Ebrahim Noroozi Gohari; 6- Yaghoub Salimi; 7- Afshin Bahrami; and 8- Sattar Amini (the last two, a metal worker and an auto worker, respectively, are in prison for having supported the bus workers).......Details  

Cartoon Controversy:US Left Nationalists* Join the Islamists Against Freedom

By Mahmood Ketabchi

 As the world witnessed the Islamists reactionary campaign to impose their taboo on the progressive humanity, the US left nationalist, as expected, supported the Islamists.  They talked of “Denmark’s Racist Cartoons,” praised the Islamists’ protests, and tried to sell us the Islamist campaign as a “fight against racism, xenophobia, colonialism, and imperialism.”  They told the whole world that the “Muslims are right to be angry” and justified their savagery and hooliganism......Details  

Apologise for what? On Caricatures of Mohammad

Maryam Namazie

The repeated calls for an unreserved apology for publishing 'offensive' and 'insulting' caricatures of Mohammad reminds me of the apologies that should be made to me and many like me.
I'd like the offended Islamists – from the Islamic Republic of Iran to Islamic Jihad to the Saudi government... – to apologise; not for their backward and medieval superstitions and religious mumbo jumbo but for their imposition of these beliefs in the form of states, Islamic laws and the political Islamic movement.

Message from the Worker-communist Party of Iran to participants on the International Day of Action, Wednesday 15 February:

 15 February 2006 is the continuation of 15 February 2003

The call by the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU) and world's trade unions for rallies outside Iranian Embassies around the world in solidarity with Iranian workers and in support of workers of Tehran Bus Company (Sherkat e Vahed) will be recorded as a historic day in the annals of the workers' movement. It will no doubt have a long-lasting impact on the labour movement in Iran. This is a crushing response by the world's labour organisations and progressive people to the Islamic Republic regime.....Details

letter from ICFTU Dept. of Trade Union Rights

 Dear friends,

Iran: International Day of Trade Union Action, Wednesday 15 February 2006

Further to our message on 1 February concerning continuing repression against the Syndicate of Workers of Tehran and Suburbs Bus Company ("Sherkat-e Vahed" company), an in particular, the arrests of hundreds of participants in the strike of 28 January, we are now writing to confirm that we are requesting all affiliates and Global Union Federations to join in a International Day of Trade Union Action on Iran on Wednesday 15 February 2006. This call is issued on behalf of Global Unions (representing the Global Union Federations, the ICFTU and the TUAC-OECD).....Details

 In a festive atmosphere

The Foundation of the Council of Service Workers in Health Establishments in Nasiriyah, Iraq (CSWHE)

  On the 1st day of January 2006 a meeting for 116 representatives for service workers in health establishments in Nasiriyah was held to elect a council which represents the real interests of workers and achieve their aspirations and demand for their rights. .......Details

Communiqué 2

Regarding the Demonstrations of Kirkuk

Following up on our first communiqué, thousands of angry people in Kirkuk, have demonstrated because of their miserable living conditions, caused by the obscene costs of living and lack of electrical power and fuel as well as their agony caused by the absence of necessary and basic services........Details

Communiqué - 1

 In the afternoon of the 1st day of January 2006, thousands of people demonstrated in Kirkuk to protest the high cost of living and lack of electricity and fuel. The demonstrations started at Raheem-awa neighborhood and reached Almaas. In Ikhwan circle the demonstrators attacked two gas stations and burnt them. They also burnt down the administration of the Private Projects for Petroleum Products. Police and military forces then attacked the protesting masses and the two sides clashed violently. The clash resulted in the injury of many from the people’s side as well as others from the police and the US soldiers’ side.........Details


 Raising the White Flag, and the Surrender of Ribwar Ahmad and the Worker Communist Party of Iraq, is incapable of Taming the Protesting Movement of the People of Kurdistan!!

 On October 20th 2005, Ribwar Ahmed, the leader of the Worker Communist Party of Iraq – WCPI published “an open letter to the public” about the ending of political conflict between the WCPI and the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan - PUK and declared one-sidedly "the ending of convulsing atmospheres and political conflicts". According to his letter this is to "purify the political atmospheres of the society in Kurdistan”.........Details

Join us in demanding the release of our activists from the capture of  an armed gang in Iraq

 Dear Friends

 On December 10, an armed gang has attacked our office in Baghdad and kidnapped two of our political and human rights activists; Akram Faleh Khattab and Basim Ghamees. It is obvious that this gang belongs to the forces of Political Islam. Political Islam has a horrendous track record of violence, killings, beheadings, kidnappings, threats to human rights activists, and abduction of journalists and political activists........Details


We denounce the Coward Terrorist Act

Of Kidnapping Two of our Comrades by a Militant Gang in Baghdad


On the morning of Wednesday, December 7, 2005 an armed gang of disguised men attacked our party office in Baghdad. The attack has caused the kidnapping of two comrades; Akram Faleh Khattab and Basim Khamees who were then present at the office. They were taken away to an unknown destination.

Our party, while investigating this kidnapping and its circumstances, warns the criminal gang of causing any harm to our comrades and demands their immediate release........Details

Declaration of


 Amidst the current grim situation in Iraq, the bourgeois media is escalating its propaganda for the so-called governmental elections to be held on December 15, 2005.

 Our party has previously condemned earlier elections and the so-called referendum on the reactionary Islamic “constitution”, and the whole process as hijacking of people’s will........Details

The Murderous Gangs of Political Islam

Commit a Heinous Crime Against our Comrade Maitham Najah


The murderous hands of Political Islamic gangs, have assassinated, last month, our party member comrade Maitham Najah while spreading the words of socialism and equality among workers, youth, women, and students of Baghdad. The brutal crime was committed in Al Sifina neighborhood. After killing the comrade, the Islamic gang dislodged his family to an unknown destiny........Details

Victory for Secularism

 letters of congratulations to Homa Arjomand leader of " International Campaign Against Shari'a Court in Canada " .......Details  


 Hi my name is khayal Ibrahim. I am from  Women’s Liberation in Iraq.

 would like to welcome everyone and thank you for you support.

-We are here to talk about shri’a court in Canada and why we are opposing it.

-In fact we in our organization “the Women’s Liberation of Iraq” do not only oppose shari’a in Canada but we oppose it everywhere.......Details  

Women’s liberation newspaper interview with khayal Ibrahim on the Iraqi constitution draft

 WL: In the current situation in iraq, the conflict on constitution is hot and different political currents want to fit their policy and measures on it. How do you see this process? Do you think passing the constitution solve different problems the country face?

 Khayal Ibrahim: In my view this situation points to a conflict of interests between the different factions and political parties. This conflict has nothing to do with the interest of the people of Iraq......Details  

Detention of hundreds in the protests in Iran

Detaining, torturing, assassinating and executing dissidents are a regular part of the life of the people of Iran under the Islamic Republic.  Every protest is met by brutal violence.  In the past few days, as several cities have erupted in revolt, a large number of people have been arrested......Details  

Iraq is the new version of democracy, an interview with Mohsen Ebrahimi

 Maryam Namazie: Condoleezza Rice was recently in Iraq in order to encourage the ‘newly elected’ government to include more Sunnis in the drafting of the constitution because she claims it will end the ‘insurgency’. Is this a step forward in your opinion?......Details..

Pictures from Vancouver May Day Rally in 1/5/2005

Pictures from Kulon May Day Rally in 1/5/2005

John Clark, Leader of OCAP, speech in May Day Celebration in Toronto 30/4/2005

David Bleakly, representing the Canadian Union of Postal Workers , speech in May Day Celebration in Toronto 30/4/2005 

The USA, Political Islam and 21st Century Humanity

Maryam Namazie

The below is a message to ‘Women from Iraq & Iran: Visionaries for Peace in the 21st Century Conference’, Westfield State College, Westfield Massachusetts, April 14-17, 2005.

I am really sorry I could not be there with you this weekend. Unfortunately a difficult pregnancy has meant that I am not permitted to fly in order to join you. I will be thinking of you though and wishing you a very successful conference......Details..

Are religious resistance groups in Iraq fascist?

Siyaves Azeri responds

A WPI Briefing reader has written: ‘A friend and I had an argument about the Iraqi resistance. I argued that the religious groups of the resistance are kind of religious fascists, because if they gain power, they would oppress the working class. My friend said that fascism is not possible in a country like Iraq, because it's mostly under imperialist control, and fascism is a movement based on petit-bourgeois parts in society. I am very interested in the standpoint of the Worker-communist Party of Iran (WPI). So what's your attitude? Are these religious groups in Iraq equal to fascist groups?’ Siyaves Azeri, the WPI correspondent responds:.....Details..

Islamic-Tribal Democracy: A gift from the New World Order to Iraqi people!

Mohsen Ebrahimi 

It seems that the USA attacked Iraq, toppled a dictator, organised free elections in which Islamists won a landslide victory and nationalists came in second, and established democracy. Finally the dreams of the Iraqi people have come true! The political message in all this is that internationally, the USA is the sole superpower with the duty of bringing freedom and prosperity to all corners of the globe! And in Iraqi society, the majority are Muslims eager to live under an Islamic regime! .....Details..

To All Civilized Humanity

 Support our Struggle for the Immediate Expulsion of the US - UK Troops from Iraq and the Disarm of All Reactionary Islamic - Nationalist Groups

The world is witnessing the 2nd anniversary of the US war on the people of Iraq. This war has been causing the killing of thousands of innocent people, the wide-spread of destruction, the ruining of the foundation of Iraqi civil society, and the subjugating of its fate to the will of handful reactionary powers ranging between reactionary Islamists and nationalists.Details..

Long Live May Day the International Day of theWorking Class!

May Day Celebration in Toronto, April 30, 2005

March 19 Rally GAINST  THE  U.S  OCCUPATION  OF  IRAQ in Toronto

Saturday March 19, 2005
World wide
U.S.A. out of Iraq NOW

khayal Ibrahim’s speech in the celebration of International Women’s Day, March 5, 2005

 Friends and comrades

First I would like to congratulate you in this happy celebration and wish you all success in your struggle for freedom and equality.

 My name is Khayal Ibrahim. I am from the Women’s Liberation of Iraq. I came here today to tell you about the struggles and sufferings of Iraqi women; to tell you about the suffering of millions of women and girls living in very insecure conditions. Details..

Women's Demo in Toronto March 5,2005

Happy March 8 - International Women’s Day !

Long Live Full Equality between Women and Men

 Since the beginning of March 8 celebration almost a century ago, this day has always been associated with the civilized humanity’s struggle to end capitalism and establish a system free of discrimination, suppression, and deprivation. The fight of women for equality, social justice, and freedom has always been part of the battles of that great exploited class - the working class, and endeavor for its salvation from the capitalist exploitation and the achievement of a socialist and humane society. Details..

We Must Stop the Terrorists’ War*

Issam Shukri

The formation of an Islamic-nationalist state in Iraq will not only be opposed to the civil and individual freedoms and rights of the people, but it will put the whole society on the brink of a new stage of a terrorist war between the United States on one hand and Political Islam with its local instruments in Iraq, on the other. Details..


The Dark Scenario and the Strategy of the Left Worker-communist Party – LWPI for the Emancipation of the People of Iraq

 1.    Since the US occupation, the Iraqi society has turned into a battle field between the most backward and anti-humane forces, the occupation forces from one side and Political Islam and other Islamic-nationalists from the other. Chaos and crumbling of the whole society foundations and the absence of the simplest means of livelihood such as security, work, health care, education, and hospitalization, are all but direct results to the military campaign of America and its allies.Details..

International Women’s Day 2005  in Toronto

A letter from Sargul Ahmad to the conference of “Children’s Rights are Universal”


To all attending comrades,

On the occasion of holding the conference of “Children’s Rights are Universal” I warmly greet your conference and congratulate you from the bottom of my heart and wish success to every participant.

 Dear friends, unfortunately I could not participate in person in this conference so I could have addressed you closely and tell you about the tragic situation and the loss of children’s rights in Iraq. However, I found it very important and through this letter to shed some light on the lives and situation of children in Iraq.Details..

We Condemn the Attacks of Shiite Clerics “Almarji’ia Al shi’iyah” on Secularism and the Civil Rights of the People of Iraq

 Defense of Secularism and Civil Rights in Iraq – DSCRI


A Political Islamic group in Iraq known as Shiite Reference “Almarji’yah Al Shi’iyah” has recently made a hostile and reactionary statement in which it has clearly launched a flagrant attack on the freedoms, civil rights, secularism, civility, and modernism of the citizens of Iraq. This position was expressed in an announcement issued by that group demanding that Islam be made the sole source for legislation in the state's expected constitution. Details..

Solidarity and support to Iranian textile workers

To trade unions and labour organisations around the world

25 January 2005

Dear friends,

You will have been informed of the 16-day strike by Kurdistan Textile workers, which ended with the management and government agreeing to meet most of their demands.  It has now come to our attention that the Islamic Republic has started a systematic harassment of the textile workers’ representatives.  As you will see from the attached letter, two of the representatives, namely, Mr Farshid Beheshti Zad and Mr Sheis Amani, were recently summoned to the Information Ministry and threatened. Details..

A letter from Kurdistan Textile workers – Sanandaj

To the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions (ICFTU)

To world trade unions

24th January 05

  Dear Mr Ryder,

You and other trade unions are well aware of the strike by Kurdistan Textile workers in the city of Sanandaj.  We would like to inform you that following the strike, the Information Ministry has started putting pressure on our representatives.  Mr Sheis Amani and Mr Hadi Zareie had been called for questioning and threatened several times before.  Following the strike, it has is now the turn of another one of our representatives, Mr Farshid Beheshti Zad.  He has been called for questioning twice already.  Details..

A letter to International federations of free trade unions and to all workers’ organisations and unions

24th January 05

Dear friends

On 23 January the textile workers of Foomanat, started a strike to protest against late payment of their wages. They have not received their wages for more than 11 months and on several other occasions they have demanded the payments of their wages but the management has always ignored them. This time in order to be heard by as many people as possible, they closed the high road between cities Rasht and Fooma and held a picket line there.Details..

We Strongly Denounce the Murder of labor Unionist Hadi Saleh


 The Islamists and nationalists from the remnants of the Ba’ath regime have committed the murder of the labor unionist Hadi Saleh, a member of the executive office of the General Federation of Trade Unions in Iraq - IFTU near his home in Baghdad.

 The Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq strongly condemns this abominable crime and considers it a crime against the working class in Iraq and against all those who had sacrificed their lives in defending the working class and those who struggle against the exploitation, greed, and brutality of capitalism against them. Details..

The Tsunami Tragedy: The Responsibility of Capitalism!

 By: Issam Shukri 


The so-called disaster is linked to the system prevailing in the globe today, i.e. capitalism.

If the human beings had dedicated their resources, daily endeavors, and creativity, around the world for the subjugation of the forces of nature and the natural phenomena rather than spending billions upon billions of dollars on exploiting each others and invent ways to kill each other, if socialism and the human creative powers were fully used to employ nature to humanity, I am certain that we wouldn't have lost all these thousands of poor, helpless workers, sailors, and their families. Details..

 This is not war; it is genocide

Interview with Issam Shukri on Iraq


Maryam Namazie: I want to talk with you about the USA’s horrendous attacks against the people of Fallujah and Mosul. Huge areas have been levelled to the ground. So many civilians have been killed; there is no water and electricity in the area for survivors. We have seen the flight of so many from the area. What's the latest update? Details..

About Boycotting “the Elections”

 Issam Shukri


The leadership of the Worker-communist Party of Iraq waited long for an answer to their “democratic” questions regarding fairness and freedom of elections. When no one cared to answer or even to call for discussing these conditions, they decided to boycott the elections.  Details..

The Massacre of Fallujah and America’s Elections in Iraq

Issam Shukri


Allawi and his partner, the US ambassador in Baghdad, Negroponte, want us to believe that the blood of 6000 humans mainly workers, women, and children, in the city of Fallujah and other cities, would prepare the grounds for them to hold elections in due date. They claim that the massacres are necessary for the creation of a peaceful atmosphere for America and its allies in the Iraqi Right Wing i.e. Political Islam, nationalists, and pro-US parties to strengthen their grip on political power. Details..

Demonstration Against Bush’s Presence in Canada


George W. Bush, the head of state terrorism, is coming to Canada on November the 30th.  Paul Martin’s Liberal government is welcoming him hoping to be considered a player in international politics. This is also the Liberal minority government’s apology to him for not participating in invading Iraq. Details..

Issam Shukry speech on the 87 anniversary of October Socialist revolution  


Elections in Iraq, A Sustain of the Dark Scenario

By Issam Shukri

 Amidst the disastrous situation that the US has created in Iraq, the following should not escape our attention: the dark scenario that the masses of Iraq are currently living its bitter chapters can not be ended with the elections, even if it were most "honest".!!   Details..

Stop Bombing Fallujah!

Interview with Issam Shukri

 Maryam Namazie: The USA military has begun a bombing campaign against Fallujah and other cities; they say it is to ‘secure’ the environment for the upcoming elections.  Can you tell us what the situation is now?

 Issam Shukri: The situation is very bad. Fallujah is under bombardment since two day ago. 200 bombs have been dropped by US forces on the city. As you know, this is a city of half a million population, although  it has been reduced to one hundred thousand or so due to the bombardment and the siege conditions that the US forces have put in place on the city. Details..


The Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq - LWPI Condemns the Brutal Bombardment of Fallujah by US Forces

In a savage escalation campaign, the US army carried out an intensive bombardment operation on Al-Fallujah city throwing hundreds of bombs on its residential districts and public buildings causing terrible damages and massacres among civilians, mostly children and women. The American forces blocked the roads leading to the city preventing the arrival of supplies and aids to the besieged city with a cruel military blockade. This brutal US bombardment is an extension to the US war on the masses in Iraq that led to the killing of hundreds of thousands of civilians. Details..

On the Grave Situation in Fallujah:

Interview with Issam Shukri regarding US Bombing on Fallujah

Founding Declaration of

The Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq –LWPI

We herein declare the founding of the Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq.

The Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq is an Internationalist Marxist party which aims at organizing the social revolution in Iraq and achieves socialism. The Left Worker-communist Party of Iraq belongs to the Worker Communism movement and declares “Better World” as its program. The Party struggles for a better world, which is not based on exploitation, slavery, or humiliation of the human being. The party endeavors immediately to achieve socialism; i.e. the abolishing of wage labor and private property of the means of production through social revolution .Details..

Maryam Namazy Interview with Issam Shukri on Islamic Iraq


Maryam Namazie: We have heard that Bush has said he would grudgingly accept Islamic rule in Iraq if it were the result of open and fair elections. Would you accept an Islamic Iraq?

Issam Shukri: Actually No. We will not agree on an Islamic rule no matter what process it comes through. The election process Bush is referring to is, in my view, illegitimate.


Regarding Iraq Survey Group’s latest report

The WAR on IRAQ And the Fiasco of WMD*

By Issam Shukri

 Last week, the report of the Iraq Survey Group ISG was released. It brings to light the fact that the war on Iraq was illegal as there were no traces of weapons of mass destruction found in Iraq. Despite all the protests of millions of people who believed that this war had nothing to do with WMDs, the war was carried out in Iraq and caused tremendous damage. Every one seemed to think then that the Bush administration with their ally in the UK were searching intensely for a justification to this war that, not only had nothing to do with WMD, but had nothing to do with their other allegations such as spread of democracy, saving Iraqis from Saddam’s suppression, and fighting international terrorism and so on. All these pretexts were used reciprocally. Many people believed that this war was in itself a Weapon of Mass Destruction..Details..

See International TV English with Maryam Namazie


Topics covered on week of Monday 11 October 2004 English programme are:

Israeli army’s slaughter of civilians in Gaza; Atefe Rajabi’s execution; regime change policy in Iran; and murder of Ken Bigley by Islamists

In this week’s TV International English Programme see Issam Shukri on the murder of British hostage Ken Bigley by Islamists in Iraq and on the Left Fraction in the Worker-communist Party of Iraq.

International newspaper interview with Issam Shukri regarding the response of WCPI leadership to the announcement of the Left Fraction inside the Worker- Communist Party of Iraq - WCPI

International: In the 5th. Congress of WPI and on behalf of your comrades, you have announced the Left Fraction inside the WCPI. What was the reaction of your leadership to that announcement?   Details..